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Welcome to Appliance Repair Saskatoon, Saskatchewan’s most dedicated home service appliance service company, repairing everything from Maytag dishwashers and Samsung washers/dryers to Hotpoint freezers and Frigidaire refrigerators. All domestic and commercial appliances are just a step away from being repaired! Get a low-cost quote today or browse our new website for info.


Appliance Repair Saskatoon

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Saskatoon Appliance Repair Services

Saskatoon appliance repair is here with your fast, low cost and high quality service. Our company staff has experience in everything from natural gas, plumbing, electrical, mechanics and engineering to allow us to repair everything from an industrial dishwasher, a commercial refrigeration system or any major household appliances. Our services are just a phone call away from reaching your home doorstep, domestic kitchen or commercial business loading zone, with all the right tools, replacement parts and skill sets required to get your broken or malfunctioning kitchen food cooking equipment up and running, so it doesn’t have to stay on the fritz for any longer than necessary! Our experts come to your door!

All Brand, Same Day Major & Small Appliance Repair Saskatoon Services, Commercial & Domestic, Built to Last, Affordable and High Quality!

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Here lives the small appliance repair Saskatoon SK continues to depend on for affordable same day services. Working with all brands means we have been supplying our fellow, loved locals with everything from the best Samsung appliance repair to the most affordable GE appliance repair Saskatoon has to boast about. Sometimes it’s more economical to replace a broken small appliance but that isn’t always the most sustainable practice. We specialize more so in major appliance repairs and maintenance for commercial businesses and family kitchens but we’re more often than not happy to assess your small appliances nonetheless so you can get the quote you deserve and make the decision you think is best. We look forward to answering questions over the phone at any time, 7 days a week! Call at a time that works best for you…

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The Professional Appliance Repair Saskatoon Saskatchewan Trusts for Kind of Quality that's Hard to Find Elsewhere in Other Companies

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What’s the difference between a working appliance and a broken one? The answer is simple. The only difference is in choosing an appliance repair company you can trust for outstanding results, so that you have the least amount of chance possible of needing services twice on the same machine or kitchen equipment. Offering the most sophisticated home appliance repair Saskatoon has in store, our company strives to make sure every local here has the services they need for comfortable, affordable, polite appliance repairs. We’ve been called everything from trustworthy and dedicated to friendly and chivalrous, but beyond all we’re proudest to be outstandingly professional in all regards. This is because we believe a professional company enhances the comfort for everyone who gets to share this wonderful city. Learn more about us by contacting our team today for a quote!

Everything You Need to Know About What Makes A Saskatoon Appliance Repair Company Professional

professional appliance repair saskatoon skIt takes more than being a certified business with insurance to be considered professional. After all, certified appliance repair companies in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada still have the potential of hiring rude, under trained staff. We believe a professional company is a polite one, and does more than just get the job done right. A professional appliance repair company should make the effort to provide the lowest costs possible for it’s clients. There’s a reason why clients continue to stick to the same company over a life time. A.R.S. hopes that our low prices and top-notch, built-to-last results will create the professional environment people expect out of a company, and we’ll continue to do all we can to be as professional as possible, as professionalism is our middle name and more than just a word to us. Consider all your appliances working optimally after getting in touch! If you have time and this is not an emergency, why not check out a list of all our different services in Saskatoon, SK, CA.

The Best Appliance Repair Saskatoon Loves!
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Sometimes being the “best” is a matter of opinion. Other times it’s a scientifically proven fact. Whether or not we’re the best appliance repair company in Saskatchewan is something we leave to our customers to judge, but we’ve been told we’re the best enough to believe we are, and we continue to prove it.

The Commercial, Household and RV Fridge Repair Saskatoon Services Locals Trust for Low Cost, Speedy Results
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It’s not just commercial restaurants, storefronts and domestic households in residential areas that need refrigerator repair services in Saskatoon. Often, out in the forests where campers and wildlife experts look forward to a cold beverage at the end of the day, RVs, (recreational vehicles) need fridge repairs, too. That’s why our company proudly offers RV fridge repair services the people of Saskatoon can rely on. 

The Bosch Dishwasher Repair Saskatoon Has Trusted for Years! We Also Repair All Brands of Dish Washing Machines
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Whether industrial or domestic, Maytag or Panasonic, our dish washing machine repair services are here for everyone in Saskatoon, SK. Indeed, here lives the dishwasher repair Saskatoon can rely on for affordable prices and speedy, high quality outcomes, so that your dishwasher has the least chance of malfunctioning again in the future. Whether Bosch, Maytag, Panasonic, Kenmore or any other brand, you’re covered!

A Washer Repair Saskatoon Services That Washes Any Mechanical Problems Away in a Jiffy!
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Is your clothes washing machine not cleaning clothes the way it used to? Is it leaking water on the floor? Making too much noise at night, keeping the kids awake? No matter the problem, no matter the malfunction, our team of appliance mechanics have the tools and expertise, not to mention a wonderful connection for ordering all and any replacement parts for affordable costs, to get your Saskatoon washer working like it’s supposed to, whether commercial or household. Let’s get underway today with a fast quote.

A Dryer Repair Saskatoon Service That Dries Up Any Malfunctioning Appliance Parts!
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A clothes drying machine that doesn’t dry clothes is like a bear that doesn’t like honey. Something isn’t quite right. But it’s a good thing a company of highly trained experts is just a phone call away with all the expertise to get your dryer fixed. Whether it’s a home service or a commercial dryer repair for a local laundromat, all your laundry machines like washer dryer combination machines can be maintained and fixed in no time at all. Indeed, the washer dryer repair Saskatoon loves for friendly, fast service is here with a low cost today.

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The #1 Stove and Oven Repair Saskatoon Endorses for Continued Success in Home Comfort and Business Growth
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How can a Saskatoon oven repair service possibly help the growth of other local businesses? The answer isn’t as simple as most might expect. The truth is, if appliance repair companies didn’t exist, local restaurants would need to wait for an appliance replacement every time a piece of cooking machinery like a gas stove, range or commercial oven broke down in stead of relying on a same day repair service. That’s one of the many reasons why our company stays open 7 days a week, so that commercial businesses have the oven repair Saskatoon trusts at their fingertips any day of the week for emergency repairs. Let’s get started!

General Electric and Gas Appliance Repairs in One Place, Under the Belt of a Saskatchewan Company People Trust
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Whether it’s the refrigerator repair Saskatoon respects for efficient service or the range repair Saskatoon depends on for a well cooked meal, our company likes to say we’ll be there in a jiffy to get the job done right the first time. As if getting the job right the second time is even an option… Whether it’s a Bosch dishwasher or a commercial gas range, we got all your electrical and gas appliance repair services all in one tight package, so you don’t need to go an wild search for “appliance repair near me” every time a different appliance breaks down. If fridge not cold, oven not hot, gas not flowing, you know who to call! An accurate quote is a call away.

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With a diverse staff ready for all occasions under a company open 7 days a week in the city of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada, there’s no reason why your malfunctioning home appliance or commercial food cooking equipment needs to stay broken for one more day. Call now for a swift quote and get your service underway!